Is my babydaddy cheating thinking about doing it ?

So my partner came home from work and is explaining to me all the things he hates about me and how he wants me and our babies to move out away from. He also straight up told me he’s lost interest in me. Idk what happen just last night me and him were on nice terms ?!
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Is he on dating apps and seeing other women ?

Who cares? He wants you gone, leave. Don't make a man tell you more than once that he doesn't want you.

He wants out. Put him on child support and go.

@Lakeisha I just tried hugging him and he said no and pushed my arm away

Hun, leave. Don't need to be with someone who feels that way. No point forcing anything. That's when cheating comes in if you stick around. Not worth it. Or tell him to leave if your on the lease that you and the kids have the house and he can find a place for himself easier.

I had a friend that her man did this exact thing one day. Out of nowhere. A couple of days later he admitted to her he cheated and felt guilty. That may not be the case with you, but if a man is telling you in more ways than one to go, just go. It hurts, but it will hurt more if he gets upset.

He wants you gone. Don't make him tell you again, leave hun

@Lakeisha ok thank you for the advice

@NIKKI thank you

Girl it sounds like he’s cheating. If he’s saying he doesn’t want you, don’t even beg. There will be a man out there that will love you.

@Elizabeth that’s what I thinking! Whether he’s texting or actually meeting up

Most likely cheating, sometimes when men cheat they’ll be rude/mean to there partner because there battling guilt

@Vanessa yes maybe to hide his guilt for feeling bad he’s covering up by being hella mean to me

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