Mixed feelings

Hey guys! So I'm 6 weeks and I'm both happy and not happy. Back in September I found out that I have a really low egg reserve and I wanted kids in the future but not yet, because I don't know how many eggs I have left I brought my 5 year plan to have kids forward. But now that I'm pregnant I just worry I'm not ready and I won't form a bond with the baby. Am I just overthinking or has anyone experienced something similar?
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I don’t think anyone’s ever “ready” in my opinion. I completely understand how you feel! The way I see things is “what will be, will be” and your body is ready to have a baby. Just ride the wave and take each day as it comes 🥰🥰

@Kath I'm just worried I'm not emotionally and mentally prepared to bring a whole new person into the world 🙈

It’s a big responsibility to have & I understand. Have you spoke to a counsellor or GP, maybe they can give you some advice on how to put your mind at ease? Hope you feel better soon xx

I think I can understand I thought I was infertile or had a low chance of pregnancy due to suspected endometriosis I got pregnant by accident I’m 19 and not ready I see it as a blessing in disguise though having the fear of never having kids if I did ever plan for it and it happening out of no where. I will say i considered all my options not being mentally and financially ready it was a hard decision, at the end of the day I decided to get mentally and financially ready and keep it if your willing to do that then you’ll be a great mamma I’m sure the bond will come naturally. Usually these things are unexpected tho. I’m afraid everyday I won’t be a good fitted mom because of how young and unexpected this is but I think most people continue to fear through out years if they are doing good or not.

You got this it's one of the most innate natural things for us women. I felt the same and a few people told me it just comes naturally! Believe in yourself x

I had this with my first. I fell pregnant unexpectedly and I was younger than I had imagined being (21). I don’t think I ever felt ready and it never even felt real, but once she was here I surprised myself how much I matured and was able to look after the most amazing little girl! Of course if you don’t feel like this, there is absolutely no shame and there’s lots of support out there. I would just try and take each day as it comes x

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