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My daughter (nearly 10 months old) is starting nursery in a couple of weeks and I’m worried about the impact of this on her routine. She usually has 2 naps a day (60-90 mins each) at around 9.30 and 2. The nursery have said they will stick to our routine, but I don’t know if, in practice, they will when there are other babies to look after on different schedules. What is everyone’s experience with this? Thanks!
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This has also crossed my mind as I understood they all slept at the same time and made sense with noise level. I really like her natural cycle and we’ve moved our schedules to suit those sleep needs. Sorry I can’t make offer any advice, but you aren’t alone in your concerns. The group will have great advice as always :)

I found with my first he had a different routine at nursery. At home he'd revert back to his 'usual' one. This included milk too - he refused milk there but had it at home. My second starts in March so trying not to stress too much x

@Sara thanks - good to know! She’s starting on 2 days a week so I’m not too fussed about it then, but when she goes up to more days I wonder about the impact on her routine on the days she’s at home too. I’ve heard other people say that about milk too - very interesting!

Working in nursery myself, they will stick to the routine. Please be understanding if you lo doesn’t nap properly for the first few weeks, it takes a bit of adjusting too. But generally they do try there best to stick to the routine, after a few days most nursery staff know off the back of their hand. It’s super scary as a parent but I’m sure everything will be fine xx

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