My son has been having trouble sleeping lately. Would wake up hysterical ,to the point that he would whimper. It would take me longer to settle him down. The doctors say it’s normal for baby’s his age but it breaks my heart. Any suggestions ?
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Same.. the other night he was screaming for almost an hour, he has never done that before, he keeps sitting up in the night fussing, I've lost count the amount of times I'm in and out of bed resettling him, he even cries during his nap which he has never done before.. I'm shattered 😵‍💫.. he has started having tantrums, not eating a lot too xx

This often happens with my son when he’s teething, especially now that we’re getting into molars and canines. And it will come in waves, a few days where a tooth is moving and then a few days where it lets up, all before it actually breaks the skin. It’s so hard to see them upset 💕

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