Constipation with Carobel

We’ve been using Carobel as recommended from our dietician for two days, and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not but baby boy has not pooped whilst using it. I thought we had finally got more regular poops, but was being sick more hence the Carobel recommendation. Anyone else had this problem? Thank you 😊
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Yes, my son is seven months old next week and has been on Alfamino with Carobel for three months now and has had chronic constipation since using it, he's on infant Movicol now as he would go days without pooping and when he did go it was hard and little round nuggets bless him 🙁 x

Yes we had exactly the same! Whenever I mentioned it to the dietician/HV/GP though they told me it couldn’t cause constipation but we felt it definitely did…

Yeah our boy had constipation with it, he was in so so much pain and crying I just stopped using it x

We had to stop using it too. The pain of poo was not worth it. Ill never forget those screams!

Thank you everyone! We’ve stopped the Carobel now, now fingers crossed for a poop 🤞🏼

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