I’m 23 weeks nearly 24, still not feeling baby girl move is this normal, I no she ok as bump is still growing
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have you had an ultrasound & have they told u if you have an anterior placenta?

If your worried about it call the triage at hospital and they will get you in and check her heart beat for you :) I did that when I had sudden no movement xx

I felt similar around that that. I even called triage because I couldn’t settle my mind. I was told he was still very small in gestation and has a lot of space so it’s ok not to feel every move. They told me to come in for checks and I could hear him wiggling on the Doppler. So for your own reassurance contact your midwife

Yes I seem my midwife last week for a baby check heartbeat was great but just feel really anxious

I went to triage yesterday evening to check the heartbeat cause I hadn't felt her a lot yesterday. They checked the heartbeat and she was fine. I was told the same, she is still small and has space. But, I am very anxious as well most times xx

Thanks just on my way the hospital now

If it is your first you may not feel them move until atleast 24 weeks. Also the initial movements can be misinterpreted as something else-for me they feel like muscle spasms at first.

I’m 23 weeks tomorrow and just only starting to feel slight movements, I did go for an appointment at the hospital about two weeks ago just to check all good with baby they checked heart beat 🥰

I went today and baby girl is fine so feel so much better

I’ve just turned 23 weeks and was fed up of people asking if I had felt movement and having to say no, but my baby surpised me two days ago and I felt a strong butterfly feeling and two little kicks. It will deffo happen in time 😊 it’s all to do with where your placenta is positioned. Xx

I was the same but then last night I could feel something yet again not sure if was baby girl but it might of bin, I no she is fine she has amazing heartbeat I just overthink everything but glad I went xx

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