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I’m a first time mum-to-be and I was no expecting to feel so uncomfortable so early on! I’m only 5 weeks and have constant a nausea feeling, am so tired, struggling to sleep, and I’m hungry every hour of the day! As someone who is used to working out four times a week, eating a healthy balanced diet, I’m finding it really difficult to adjust. I’ve also had the flu this weekend, but I’m worried about going back to work now my symptoms have progressed so quickly, and how I’m going to cope. Any advice?
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No advice…but I am feeling all the same. I will be 6 weeks on Thursday and the exhaustion is next level with working full time. I want to eat all day and if I don’t I feel sick. I used to get up at 5am and go to the gym and track my calories and now I’m sleeping every chance I get and eating everything I can get my hands on. Big adjustment

@Darcee it’s so hard to adjust! I genuinely didn’t expect it! I knew I’d likely get nausea, and some back discomfort but I didn’t realise how much more you could get in the first trimester. I’m the same with the gym, having a week off this week to recover from the flu, maybe next week will be better

I had a similar experience and people told me it would go away but during this period it didn’t help, I would just be kind to your body and remember that you are creating a little miracle and also my doctor said that when you have all those symptoms means that the pregnancy is going well because hormones are doing their thing, you will be back to feeling ok eventually. I did after week 22 and looking back it will be something I’ll share with my little girl.. hang on, it’s normal to feel tired, hungry and all that, I was sleeping 4 hours during the day and 8 at night almost as much as my dog

@Katherine thanks! I haven’t had my midwife appointment yet either, so feel like I’m sort of navigating this alone at the moment! I keep thinking these must be all good signs but that’s just a guess so it’s nice to hear that’s what your doctor said! Just got to keep going strong

I’m exactly the same. I’m up and down but mostly feel pretty shit the majority of the day and night….I’m 5 weeks today and the symptoms are definitely getting stronger xx

I have suspended my gym membership and just walking. As hard as it is to adjust I want to listen to my body and just give into it at the moment. All I’m doing in my spare time is sleeping & eating & surviving haha. It’s an adjustment but also so exciting that it’s all happening and working as it should be 😀

@Libby Hope it doesn’t get too bad for you! It’s so hard to manage xx

@Darcee that’s a good idea! How are you getting on with walking? I usually do a 30hours dog walk at lunch but I get to 15minutes and it feels like forever 😂 it is reassuring because the physical symptoms are a reminder that everything is on track

@Chloë thanks girl! I’m absolutely exhausted today x

Just doing 30 minutes after work with my dog but it’s a slow one 😂 hoping after first trimester if I feel better I could do a morning walk also before work

@Darcee I'm 6 weeks on Thursday too!

I'm 6 weeks on Thursday too, this is my first pregnancy and never realised it be so difficult so early! Feel like I've had symptoms since ovulation. Finding it hard not being able to tell anyone or for anyone around you to understand how the simple tasks are harder at such an early stage, was expecting it to be hard once there's a bump, was only expecting to feel a bit sick and missed periods not all the rest!

In the same boat, 1st pregnancy. About 6 weeks I believe now and I'm so tired and feel nauseous. Not been sick though. People keep asking if I'm ok as I'm not my usual lively self. I never normally need naps. Now it's the opposite lol. Today randomly I went until 3.30 before the overwhelming feeling of my eyes are closing happened. I class that as progress.

I’m so glad it’s not just me who under estimated these first few weeks!!

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