My little girl is exclusively breastfed however recently I gave her to my parents for a few hours and hadn’t pumped enough so I said to use formula as top up- she had one bottle Saturday night - it’s Tuesday morning now and she’s barely pooed- I think one skid- before every nappy had poo in it up to 9/10 a day!!! Should I be concerned?
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My girl is exclusively formula fed, she poos once a day at the moment. Previously it would be every other day, sometimes three. X

@Lauren oh wow!! I had no idea! I’ll wait a little longer then Thank you x

My daughter is exclusively formula and only poops on a Saturday and Sunday 😂 xx

The older the babies get, the less frequently they poo. In UK, the NHS say that babies may not poop for 10 days and that’s apparently totally normal! My girl is 4 months, and I no longer change her nappy during night because she doesn’t poop during night. Similar in the day, she would do big poops maybe 2-3 a day from doing about 10 a day! 🤣 so it has changed dramatically for us, maybe it’s the same for you now.

*up to 10 days!

@Medeya oh that’s so good to hear!! Pretty sure my baby girl must be going through a similar thing xx

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