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My LO is coming up to 7 months and has suddenly started to want to sleep on his front at night. Is this allowed at his age or should I keep putting him onto his back?
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Mines same! She is loud when uncormfortable so would wake me up if in distress. I was concerned at first but not so much now

As long as he can get himself onto his front then he’ll be fine. Once they start rolling there’s no stopping them unfortunately 🙈 my girl also sleeps on her front xx

Mine is the same!! He crus is he's isn't comfortable! But majority of the time he sleeps on his tummy. Ever since he started to roll. I always put him down on his back and he always ends up on his front! The first time I was in a panic but he seems strong enough now to be able to lift his head etc? X

Same with me I worry so much but then if I move him he wakes up and feel like I’m doing more damage than good so better off leaving him xx


@Rhiannon I literally laid awake watching him last night as it’s the first time he has started doing it. He was rolling closer to me as well x

@Nicole haha, honestly I will put him on his mat during the day and within seconds his on his front doing rotations 😂 xx

As long as when you put them down you put them on their backs, it is fine if they roll themselves.


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