Too long between feeds?

My 11 day old little girl only really wakes once in the night, she’s breastfed only and her last feed before I go to sleep is usually around 11/12 at night then she’ll wake between 3/4 then sleep again until I wake at 7/8. The midwife said last week that I should be setting alarms to wake and feed her so it’s not going over the 3 hours between but I find if she hasn’t woken up for it herself then she doesn’t latch very well and doesn’t settle back down afterwards and keeps me awake for hours. She’s gained 12oz in the past 5 days so it’s not like she’s not getting enough milk. Is it really that bad to leave her 4/5 hours if she hasn’t woken herself?🫣
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I’m not a health professional but I’d say if she’s putting weight on not to worry as shes obviously getting enough and growing I demand feedback so only feed when baby wants, I find trying to schedule feed causes more upset and poor latch as they don’t want to feed

When I left the hospital with my newborn they said not to let them past 5 hours, ideally 4. If she's gaining weight then I'd assume all is good but I'm no expert xx

Having a similar thing with my little one! He's putting on weight though and seems happy enough so I'm going based of his needs rather than the guidance they give you 🤷🏻‍♀️ xx

I’ve been told that once babies have gained back their birth weight it’s less of an issue. Maybe get a second opinion?

I asked the health visitor and she said she can’t see a problem with going the 4 hours as long as she’s feeding well in the day and gaining weight😊

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