Walking outside with baby in carrier

Those that take their babies out for walks in their carrier, what do you dress them in to keep them warm? I guess they have body heat being against you, but I wasnt sure if that was enough x
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For us I keep her in her indoor clothes and just pop on a hat, shoes/more thick socks & mittens. Our carrier is quite thick and counts as another layer, plus I then wear a coat over the both of us which is another layer. That plus my body heat means she's plenty warm enough ☺️ if I wear her outside of my coat I'd put her in another set of layers, like a fleece suit or if it's really really cold a snowsuit.

Agree with what @Kate says x

Same as above for us, except I add a thin fleecy body suit or light jacket if it’s cold. I underestimated how much warmth they get from us/the carriers for ages!

If she’s in a sling she’s in her indoor clothes and I’ll wear her against me ina T-shirt and then put a zip up hoodie over the top and then a coat left open. If she’s in a baby carrier I wear her over my jumper and then her indoor clothes + a fleecy all in one/snowsuit ✨

Our carrier is pretty thick so it counts as layer. Depends on the temperature, right now its around 6 degrees so she has vest, long sleeve body, tights, leggings, thick socks and teddy coat (not really a coat, its like a fluffy fleece), and hat. If it gets colder (below 0),i would add another layer like wooly jumper and 2.5 tog dungarees (no footies). I always check temperature by touching her neck and between shoulders.

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