Sweet potato curry

How do I serve a sweet potato curry to an 8 month old safely? Also is creamed coconut ok to use as an ingredient or should I leave this out if serving it to baby as well? Does anyone have any sweet potato curry recipes they’ve used with their baby? Thanks! X
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Creamed coconut is fine to give to baby. Just cut the ingredients in suitable size for baby’s age and serve, sweet potato goes very soft so shouldn’t cause a problem.

We did sweet potatoe, chopped tomatoes, korma powder, coconut milk, chickpeas, garlic, coriander and onion served with extra soft rice, my baby loves this

@Amee (Mummy moop moops) how did you serve it all? Did you cut the sweet potato into strips or did it just turn into mash anyway? X

I made it all extra soft, simmered a while, cut it into very very small pieces, you can also mush and squish it up more like a puree style

I don’t mash it i just serve it soft as it’s served to the family. With rice.

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