Does anyone else feel like their baby isn’t interested in any of their toys atm?? I feel like she gets bored so easily and just walks around not knowing what to do with herself, not sure if I should be worried? I try and do messy activities a lot but there’s only so many times a day 😂 her attention span just seems terrible atm! She’d rather play with household things!
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My son is the same, for a portion of time in the day, I just leave him to it, so he can explore, and gives me time to do things, but I find he follows me a lot and wants to try and help sometimes 😅

If anyone have any toys that ‘works’ please let me know too :D I got a kitchen tower for her but hid it away because she wants to get into everything standing up there and I can never step away even for 5 seconds because I’m worried she will fall 🫣

I saw a video about how when they learn to walk they lose interest in toys for a while! They just want to kind of wander around haha

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