Moving onto using bottles.

Hi all, my LO is 8 months now and I’m about to send her to nursery soon. We have been EBF but I want to start expressing milk into a bottle for her to take to nursery. I really don’t know where to start and how much milk to express and how I will get her to take the bottle. Has anyone else been in my position and managed to get their LO to take the bottle and not reject the breast?
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At 8 months old I would bypass a bottle and start giving the milk in a cup 😊

You can try a sippy cup or baby open cup. To avoid baby tooth decay when they start getting teeth. Read more about this here

We have just started at 7.5 months She took a bottle til about 3 months/4 months and refused it until now She actually much prefers formula in a bottle (think the milk tastes different when expressed especially if it's been frozen) We are week 2 so far and she has 3 bottles of formula per day I give her 4 onz at a time and she is also on 3 meals a day and has water from a sippy cup She still is a little boobie monster and still feeds like a hungry horris though I think it's more for comfort x

I do give her an open cup but she does spill some of the milk out.

@leah thank you 🙂 we don’t want to give her formula as it does sit well with her. Plus we think she has a cow milk allergy. I will try giving a sippy cup

@Raj it can be messy isn’t it I’m doing a combination of sippy cup open cup and bottle you could try something like that and give bottle for the big milk feeds and use the others for meal times x

Also try a straw cup! This was easiest for my daughter

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