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We are planning on taking our children (who will be 1 and a half & 2 and a half at the time we are thinking of going) from Scotland to Hong Kong to see family. The flight is 16-18 hours with 1 connection. Looking at travelling through the night for what would be their bedtime to see if that helps. So nervous for taking them and then jet lag when we arrive. We would be going for 10 days. Any tips? Are we insane? 😅 I’m veryyyy anxious as it is and just wondered if anyone has done this before 🥹💖
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You’re not insane, it’ll be incredible! Travel in their pjs, pack calpol, take every snack known to man, load up a tablet with all their fave shows, pack extra nappies in case of delays, extra clothes for you in case of 🤢💩 explosion, keep calm. We’ve been travelling with our girl long haul since she was 9 weeks (24 hours to Australia regularly). It’s never as bad as it seems, those flights are full of families and tbh most kids sleep from the white noise xx

@Sarah thank you so much this has made me feel so much better honestly🩷

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