Clear blue digital?

Is this positive? I did a clear blue digital and it said negative but I have been having so many symptoms (I am exhausted and my boobs are absolutely killing me) so I cracked it open and found this? Has anyone else done the same? There is clearly two lines..?
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Digitals always have 2 lines, that's why you're not supposed to open them

I have done this before though and there was no second line?

I don't know what else to say, CB digital always have a 2nd line, and anytime you open a test the result is invalid. Google clear blue digital 2nd line

You can’t take the strip out of the test. It becomes invalid when you do that.

I’ve used the clear blue digital many times. With my first pregancy a year ago, it said positive, and there were two lines when I broke it open. 3 months ago I thought I might be pregnant again and took one and it was negative but still had double blue lines when I opened it. Now im about 5 weeks pregnant with my second and my clear blue digital is positive with 2 lines when you open it. I say all that to say the clear blue tests having two lines when you open them means nothing. They always have the two lines. BUT! digitals also need more HCG to read positive. So I would try a diff test, not digital :))

Did you break the test?

Hi all, if you do the test and get a result and then break the test to get it out, it doesn’t make it invalid as you already have the result. It would only be invalid if you broke the test prior to actually getting a result. I have since had a faint line on a different test so who knows - I think the second line could have been a positive!

The instructions say it is invalid if opened. The digitals always have two lines inside.


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