I've seen many posting how their little one's are having many meals a day and a lot of it. My baby born 14th June 3 weeks early is only having one meal. Breakfast which is sometimes fruit and yoghurt or porridge or toast etc... she doesn't have lots of it so maybe a third of a toast slice and a few blueberries for example. Or a single yoghurt pouch. Her poos end up quite hard just with that one meal which is why I've been reluctant to add in another. Is this normal? Any other mum's in the same boat??
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Should I be pushing for a second meal? More likely dinner because lunch is difficult she is napping through that time..

We have breakfast and dinner and not a lot ether. X

My LO is 8.5 months nearly and she’s been on 1 meal up until now. I’m going to try and introduce dinner this week/next so we can at least be on 2 (I’m just worried I’ll be rushing to 3 too quickly if I don’t introduce 2 soon) 😂! I’ve just gone with her pace though and also what has worked for us as she isn’t always awake at the right times for it and around bottles etc. I tried to give her some dinner yesterday evening and it didn’t even go very well so we’ll see 😂! It’s hard when you hear differing advise. I’ve heard as long as they are on 3 meals by the time they are 1 it doesn’t matter how they get there. I’ve also heard around 9 months onwards they need to be on 3 meals!! We’re no where near that and she will be 9 months in about 2 weeks! X

You can always try and see how she responds to it? We've been on 3 meals a day for about a month or so but I'd say it's only in the last couple of weeks my baby has actually been properly eating the food. And even then it's maybe 6 spoonfuls of food plus a few munches of finger food

I found when I introduced the second meal her poos were less hard, think it’s because it gave her more variety of food. I’m just trying to introduce the 3rd meal of breakfast but struggling with timings with naps, today she probably had 1tsp of wheatabix as wasn’t hungry and was more interested in going for a nap

Thanks everyone very helpful!

Are you giving her water? It helps keep things moving if they're well hydrated. I give my LO half a weetabix for his supper and the fibre helps his bowls

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