I swear this pregnancy has got me miserable... I've been getting sharp cramping pains every time I eat dairy or drink milk. I had no issues before pregnancy and no issues with my last pregnancy... You want to know what makes it worse? .......I'm craving milk
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Same here dairy bloats me so bad I feel uncomfortable. How many weeks are you? At the moment I am 10wks but when I was 6-8wks I couldn’t have any dairy because it made me so uncomfortable however, it’s slowly getting better. Hopefully you get better also.

I THINK bread has been doing that to me. I did a little research and it seems you can pick up sensitivities during pregnancy. I was having stool issues and added in Greek yogurt, it has acted as a probiotic and really helped things! I’m normally very sensitive to dairy and the yogurt has done wonders! It’s crazy how the body and reactions change during this season of life.

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