Bath toys.

I've heard that there are many bath toys that are not good as they get mouldy inside. Can anyone recommend any good bath toys please?
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Basically none that you sook water into. I have munkin float balls, and colour changing ducks just now. I just alternate which ones I use. X

Yes my partner bought her bath toys like rubber ducks and animals etc and they are all mouldy inside so I've chucked them, probably best with good old plastic that don't soak water in them, my girl loves playing with her stacking cups in the bath as they have holes in the bottom and loves watching the water fall out and trys to grab the water 😂

If you get a glue gun you can put a blob of glue in the little holes. It’s not foolproof but it does stop water getting in so they last longer without getting mouldy, and they still float x

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