Do these noises sound normal? 6 weeks old today and last few days has been making these noises often throughout the night mostly between 4am and 6am. It’s a mixture of snorting grunting and moaning. He got up shortly after this for a feed. He’s eating and going to the toilet as normal and seems healthy in himself. Has his 6 week check up tomorrow anyway but wanted some reassurance.
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Sounds exactly like my baby. It’s REM sleep and could be slightly congested

That sounds like my little girl

That’s what my little boy sounds like too and he’s almost 5 weeks. We just give him some nasal spray and it seems to settle a bit afterwards

Sounds like my baby - he has a blocked nose at the moment and it’s so much worse at night. We use the saline nasal spray and frida nose sucker

Ah yes, the newborn pterodactyl! Sounds pretty normal to me.

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