Car seat in/out the car

At what age will you be leaving the car seat in the car and just putting your LO in it? I'm finding lugging it around, especially when LO is in it, so heavy and I'm not sure how long I'll be able to do it for!!
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I do this already and have done since birth, I very rarely take it out unless putting it in the base of the pram. Why do you remove it?

Oh really! We tend to put her in it in the house and take it out to the car, and then same when we get to our destination (drs, Nan's house etc), just assumed that was what people did 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Think I'll start just leaving it in the car then as it's knackering my arms lol

I have a joie 360 so it can't come out the car. I like the idea of not having to keep transferring and seat onto frame etc but we needed the spin feature for tight spaces where we live

Because I had a c section, I couldn’t lift it at the start so just got in the habit of taking her in and out instead of it. Each to their own I suppose! I was worried I had been doing something wrong there!

They are bloody heavy aren’t they!

I never take it out of the car. (Also have the joie 360.)

We always took it into the house when it was freezing cold but dont always bother now. If she is asleep I will bring her into the house in the car seat so I can get 10 mins to sort myself out or unpack the shopping but if she is awake one of us usually lifts her in without it

I have since birth! I pop him straight into the pram, carry him or put him into a body carrier if I’m walking further

We have an ikkle bubba 360 which doesn't come out the car as it is fixed to the isofix base so we would have to take the base out too. We've carried baby to the car since birth. When it was Icy though we did put baby in Pram to take to the car just incase we slipped

@Josie Mine spins and clicks on and iff the base? Are you sure it can't do that? I assumed they all did.

I always leave mine in the car. If I'm just popping in somewhere, I lift it out to attach it to the wheels, bit I've never carried it around- too heavy!

I have a toddler so it's easier for me to get baby ready in the car seat indoors before I tackle her. I don't carry it around long distances, I attach it to our pushchair if I need to.

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