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Recently my daughter started to climb out of her bed and getting into my bed. This has been happening every night for the last two weeks and it’s become exhausting continuously putting her back into her bed and she just comes right back into mine. What do I do? She is 20 months old. Also co sleeping is not something we want to do. Thank you 🙏
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We have currently gone through the same stage! Also my little boy is 20 months old - we had one night where he was up for 5 hours constantly getting in and out of bed and into ours. I was debating whether it was a sleep regression so I’ve put him back in my mums travel cot just for a week to get him back into his sleeping routine! He’s now back sleeping in his bed and is doing well so far🙌

We have a stair gate on my little boys bedroom door, so that he can’t come into our room at night, I do have to put him back into bed with a cuddle occasionally but it’s definitely helped as my little one didn’t come to our room but went straight to the bathroom to play with the toilet 🤦🏼‍♀️

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