Please tell me I’m not on my own with this the worst heartburn started on Saturday night and ended up with me vomiting into the bathroom. I’ve been plagued with it since and it’s ALWAYS at night so I cannot sleep… I have done everything I’ve slept left, right, sat up, stood up. Nothing is working rennies and milk aren’t holding it back and I’m at the breaking point with it as I hardly sleep anyway since being pregnant and this has reduced it FURTHER I had 2 hours last night 2. I’ve got chest and back pain and emotions are high as a result. Someone please help! Gonna talk to GP tonight to get some Omeprazole and talk about the chest pain but I’ve had enough 😭😭😭😭
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Yep, you're not on your own. I had severe morning sickness and it made my acid reflux absolutely terrible. I took omeprazole right up until I gave birth then as soon as baby was out, it was completely fine. I also avoided anything too acidic like orange juice or tomatoes

@Chloe I’m eating the blandest foods I’m actually miserable I’ve got an appointment with GP will beg for omeprazole if I have to x

I'm running on prayers and gaviscon tablets 😭 half the time the don't work but it's better than nothing. Definitely can't wait for him to be out

I feel you. Heartburn is the worse part of pregnancy in my opinion! Hope your GP appt goes well and just tell them how you are feeling. Sending lots of love x

My doctor recommended Pepcid for me, it can be expensive but target has an up and up version that is way cheaper and the same ingredients! I take it everyday and it really helps!!

They offered me Omeprazole but they can’t promise it won’t affect the baby 🥲 I’m trying gaviscon again. As a last shot and if that fails I’ll have to check out the Omeprazole. Apparently it can make your baby have asthma and allergies?!??

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