I woke up to say good morning to my partner this morning as he got up for work, he said good morning back and seemed fine. He then went into the bathroom to have a wash, so I rolled over in bed and got myself all cosy. He walked back into the bedroom and within a minute, I rolled over to give him a kiss. He gave me a quick peck, told me that he doesn’t like it when I pretend to sleep, I told him I wasn’t pretending, I was simply getting comfortable before our daughter wakes up, he then turned to walk out of the room, I told him to have a good day and that I love him, to which he replied “bye.” Childish right?!
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Why is he overreacting to you trying to go back to sleep. I hate it when people think we're doing things when we're not, it makes us feel like the bad person, and we get annoyed when we haven't done anything wrong. Hopefully your partner will be fine when he comes home.

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