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Hi ladies Has anyone travelled abroad with their little one, that has a CMPA? We are looking at going to Cyprus for a week, but are anxious about how the feeds will work whilst travelling, my little one is on Nutramigen. Does anyone have any experience how it’s worked for them? He is also eating his three meals a day, his foods are blended, but textured. Does anyone know how this might work for him. He’s 10 months. I’m feeling anxious about having enough feeds for him for the journey and what kind of foods he’ll be able to eat whilst out there. Thank you ☺️
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I have taken my son on holiday twice. First time he was just 4 months and breast fed so was super easy. Second time he was eating three meals a day but no longer had any formula. In our suitcase, we took enough ready made meals and snacks for the week. All meals and snacks and utensils packed in a box and put in checked luggage. Then it was super easy to heat up in the microwave wherever we were and also carry around for when we needed it. Then we fed him bits and pieces from the all inclusive that we knew he could have like beans, sausage, some cereals, loads of fruit and veg etc… to top up. For the journey, we packed ready made meals and utensils in our hand luggage too and heat them up at the airport for him to eat. Then loads of snacks whilst on the plane in hand luggage. In terms of formula, you can pack the formula tin in your checked luggage. You can also take formula through security in your hand luggage and the liquid limit doesn’t apply.

None of my sons ready made meals or snacks were checked at security. But they did ask us if we had formula or milk in our hand luggage. I am assuming to check it. Hope this helps 😊

Nutramigen is probably one of the EASIEST formulas to travel with as you add it to cool boiled water! As he has an allergy you can request extra baggage and they will give it you for a medical need you may need a letter from gp/dietician/paediatrician on the day You can then take all the foods he’s eating really (ready meals anyway) and it means you will more than have enough :)

@Amy I was just about to comment this re the letter so you can take allergy safe foods. Also @Selina if you're at a proper resort they will be able to accommodate allergies if you wanted to give finger foods to try etc and as for making up the nutramigen ask in advance for a kettle in the room (I know some places I've been don't supply them but have them ready for babies etc) and then buy a ton of bottled water and use that to boil to be on the safe side x

We just passed through security at Heathrow terminal 2 with 5 individual portions of formula powder and a full unopened tub, as well as a nuby rapidcool. They inspected it but let us pass through without any problems :)

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