Snack ideas for LO with egg and dairy allergy

Any ideas. I’m mindful of giving too much fruit
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My mum is Colombian and we make these corn flat breads called arepas. It's made with a flour called P.A.N. and water. You can put a sprinkle of salt and sugar (so little it's okay for their little bodies) and with that dough you pan fry them and then can use it as a base for smashed avocado or whatever. My LO eats them plain. It's a nice alternative to wheat too. Kind of like a thick pancake minus the egg. Otherwise look up vegan recipes and if your baby is over 1, you can put honey instead of sugar

Maybe things like biscuits/soft bakes/veggie straws/crisps/rice cakes/breadsticks/crackers/cucumber xx

Look on Rebecca Wilson food on insta! she has some good options I made egg and dairy free pancakes today from her page x

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