Anyone else think their baby has reflux? What have you found helps? My little boy is so unsettled!
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Following because same. What I found helps is burping after every once, holding upright for 30min after feed and a preemie super slow nipple for bottles.

Following...My little girl has times where she's very unsettled for seemingly no reason, she rarely burps no matter what we do.. she doesn't bring milk back up but hates being laid on her back, so I'm thinking there may be a slight bit of silent reflux affecting her. Tried the super slow teats but she got fed up and would take an oz and go to sleep then be waking for another an hour later 🤦‍♀️

We were prescribed carobel which has helped massively with our little boy as he was bringing milk back up a lot during and after feeds. We also do paced feeding and burping after every ounce/2 ounces, holding upright 20-30 minutes after feeding

My boy is on Anti-reflux formula, and it helped a lot

Weve had gaviscon from the gp and have just been prescribed omneprazole too. Otherwise pace feeding, feeding upright and keeping upright for 30 mins after feeds help a little. Changed bottles from mam to dr brown. She hates being on her back as it sets her off so spends alot of time in the sling too.she had a tongue tie cut yesterday too which im hoping will imorove feeding and help.

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