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Hey just a quick question, me and my son dad ain’t together as such. He comes around twice a week and sleeps over 1 night a week. He offered to help and pay me some money each month but I said it’s ok as i was just glad he was apart of my son life (was around the full pregnancy). Anyways he buys the odd things like he just brought him a high chair and if I need anything like nappies I can ask him and he will get them. However I’m really starting to struggle on maternity pay and my bills just keep going up and up. Am o wrong to ask him for abit of help ? And how do I ask him . When he comes over on the weekend I’m also buying the food or take away for us both. I worked out last month he would have spent about £60 on him and he got a really good paid job and I know he wasting money on a certain “thing”
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I'd just say "remember when you offered some money monthly for the baby? I'd like to take you up on that, as bills are getting expensive to keep him warm and fed".

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