Find it so hard getting out of bed now

I work from home and struggle so bad to get out of bed in a morning these days, I literally only just make it out to turn my laptop on for 9am! God knows how you all do it when you have to actually go out to work. Does anyone have any tips please? I just feel so sleepy and that it takes me so long to fully wake up now
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No tips but this sounds like I wrote it myself! Currently lying in bed knowing I need to be on my laptop in 20 minutes. It’s so hard when you feel exhausted.

When I worked from home I’d always make myself take a shower and change. 🚿 . Start a routine higher than your current

Last week I was going to bed at 8pm and getting up at 6.30am, it’s the only way I could get enough sleep and not feel awful 😩 now I’m back to 7.30am wake ups I actually feel worse 😂

Have you had your 28wk bloods taken yet? I am feeling exactly the same, had bloods Friday and a phone call yesterday morning saying my iron is really low and now on tablets…. Which will hopefully help

@Em X ooo okay! No not yet, I’ve got that next week. Will be interesting if that’s why!

For sure tell your midwife, i have my appt tomorrow and as I had lots iron last tine I'm going to mention it as fatigue has hit me so unexpectedly this last week. It makes me feel frustrated and emotional that I feel so weak!

@Kendal ok I will do thank you ☺️

I'm feeling the same, and some days I can only manage to put on some clothes and brush my hair to be at my laptop for 8am. Days in the office are worse because I have to make lunch and shower. Very difficult, you're not alone.

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