Always tired / lazy

32 weeks now and I'm so tired all the time by just doing basic things. This in turn makes me lazy as I can't find energy or motivation to focus on work / anything for that matter. The issue is that I can't rest properly because I'm uncomfortable all the time despite using a maternity pillow etc. So I'm perpetually tired and feel bad that I'm in this state. Anyone relates?
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Can totally relate to it. Woke up this morning feeling so tired inspite of having 10hours of sleep. Most days I have good energy only during the first half of the day. Second half is just lazing around

33 weeks and can definitely relate!

32 weeks and definitely feel this. Don’t be so hard on yourself you are growing a human. Be proud of yourself for everything you are doing x

@Aimee you're right, and I do try to remind myself of this but the guilt inevitably comes. I suppose I need to work on that and ask myself why 🙏

@Chloe 😅🙏

@Sayli 🙏 glad I'm not alone! I think I didn't realise how tiring pregnancy would be🥲

You’re growing a mini human! The mini human is taking everything out of you for it to grow, go easy on yourself ❤️❤️

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