What toys are your LOs interested in right now?! I feel like my son is bored so fast and as though he’s outgrown all his toys! (Except the ball pit we just set up, he bloody loves that) pic so we don’t get lost
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My little one loves his dj bouncing beats, and he got these soft cars that you pull back and they go we sit ans do that to him. He git these suction animals for the highchair that have different bells inside and also act as a teether he loves them. But yeah we're bored to. He's got some toys that pop balls out but they are better for when he's crawling x

My babies favourite are ball for sure! Loves to chew on, watch them roll away and crawl after them. He can play with them for about 30 minutes without any interaction from me. I've just brought a 'follow me ball' which had colours and rolls around so we'll see if he likes that. My baby also likes a pop it thing we have which he uses as a teether which he plays with for about 20mins. Other than that he likes a one piece puzzle (with a big handle) which he plays with for about 10 mins a time.

My little girl loves her ball pit too! She also loves books at the moment, holding them and looking at them herself x

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