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Has anyone else’s skin got really bad since being pregnant? Everyday I wake up with even more big and painful spots all over my face. I was hoping it’s start getting better going into the second trimester but just seems to be getting even worse 😔
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My skin is usually acne-prone, so I assumed my skin would really break out. I have had the odd breakout but it hasn’t been bad at all I think I’m controlling it with Skin + me, pregnancy safe formula 🤗🤞🏻 try that. Good luck!! It sucks when skin plays up. So I feel ya 💕 xxx

My skin is awful! Probably been my worst symptom since being pregnant. I’ve never had spots and now I have acne, I’m 14 weeks and it doesn’t seem to be calming down😞 I feel your pain xx

My skin is terrible right now! I've always had light acne around my jawline due to PCOS but right now it's everywhere! Not even just my face 😢 hoping it calms down soon

Yes me too. I am prone to acne but this is the worst it’s ever been. All around my nose and my chin, huge cyst type spots and they are so red & raw, almost in clusters. It’s awful 😩

I have severe acne too that is only controlled well by dianette so it’s been really bad since being off but this is my second pregnancy and my skin is improving slowly, with my first pregnancy into the second trimester my skin was the best it’s ever been! Hang in there and hopefully it gets better during your pregnancy. It’s so so hard, feel your pain x

Glad it isn’t just me! It’s been really getting me down 🤍

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