Should I size up on diapers

So my baby boy is about to be 4 months on Valentine’s Day and he’s already had 2 times where I find his outfit has pee on and almost a blow out on the sides and I’m just thinking size 2 is just starting to get too tight for him should I size up to size 3 and try it? He is starting to fit in 6-9 months and 6 months so definitely think he should be a size 3. Also does any moms know where I can get pajamas with the hand covers? He loves sleeping with his hands out so it’s hard keeping his hands under the blanket to stay warm and I only have 3 pajamas with the hand covers for my baby boy.
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Old navy! I couldn't find any with hand covers for 3-6 but anytime my MIL brought a new outfit it always had hand covers

No harm in trying size 3 and seeing how it goes. Also target has larger size Jammie’s with the hand covers! Helps my sleep scratching eczema baby!

Try a size three and see how it works. Diapers tend to be sized differently in different brands. If you find that the size three isn’t fitting right, try a different brand.

@Kendra Really I will have to see I always shop at target for my baby boy but I never see the hand covers but they do have a small baby boy section at target

@Katie Thank you! I’ll have to check old navy!

@Amber Yea I realized that the diapers at Costco run bigger which I like so I’ll definitely have to go to Costco to test it out

We had to change to size 3s at 15 weeks because of blowouts and it was 100% that he needed to go up a size. We use Costco diapers and he’s always moved into the next size before actually hitting the weight range of that size. I think he was maybe 14.5 lbs when he started wearing the 3s and they start at 16 lbs, we just got off how tight it is and when he starts getting blowouts we go up a size. He has had some since but we think that’s because he’s only pooping once or twice a day now. Little sleepies pajamas are my favorite and they have optional hand and foot covers. They are pricey but my son is almost wearing 9 month clothes and still fits in his 0-3 little sleepies.

Amazon had great pjs and you can find some with and without the hand coverings

@Jordan Thank you! I’ll definitely have to size up to 3s because they are tight on him. My boy is long so the 0-3 months don’t fit him and I think he is weighing 13 almost 14 pounds

@Gabrielle I was looking at Amazon some of them are kinda pricey so I didn’t know where else had cheaper like $14 or $15

I had the same issue when my guy was four and a half months! He kept leaking through his diaper so he mainly wears size 3 diapers now!

Target’s cloud brand has a really soft zipper pajama with the hand covers. They come in a 2 pack for $15.

I mean there’s some nice bamboo ones for like 20-30$ for 3 I think that’s definitely reasonable for the quality

Every time my little man reaches the weight for new diapers I just change him to the next size up. He is four months on Thursday and is a size three already. I switched when he was 16lbs

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