Awake and thinking about hospital bag

What kind of things do I NEED in my hospital bag? What did you think you needed but didn't actually use? I can't sleep so started making a list. Lol
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-Baby onesies, bring a premie, newborn and 0-3 month size just incase, literally don't know how big baby will be until it's here. -Personal hygiene stuff -Comfy pj's, breast or chest accessible for skin to skin or breast-feeding -Slippers/house shoes -Blanket or pillow if you're attached to your specific one -Bag of snacks (once it's empty, you can fill it with all the free baby products they charge insurance for and give you) -baby carseat -phone charger and any electronic devices you may need or want -if there's a chance you may pump, or formula feed, maybe bring a bottle you plan to use. Otherwise, it's the hospitals default 95% of what baby could possibly need the hospital provides (except carrier to come home) Also, if you got a pump you can bring it if you choose and the lactation specialist may help you set it up and get used to it Just a being extra thing I wish I had brought those inkless foot/handprint things to get my babies first foot print and hand print as a keepsake. The hospital...

(2) for my first gave me a little card they had in her bassinet with her name, birth time, weight and footprints. But with my second, she was rushed to nicu and unfortunately I never got a card like the one I got for my first. I think the only footprints i have for her is when she came out of nicu at like 2 weeks old. Still special and sweet but I loved seeing how tiny my first started 💖

@Carly thank you so so much for all that info! ❤️

Mainly items for you:: You can bring comfy clothes 2-3 outfits or wear hospital gowns til you go home then 1 outfit Snacks/ drinks for after birth Charger, hygiene products if you have specific items you like to use, slipper socks, laptop or tablet watch movies on, pillow/ blanket sometimes it’s cold For baby:: You won’t need much the hospital will provide every thing unless it’s something specific you want baby to have Zipper onesie for going home newborn size and 0-3 size, car seat, baby blanket if it’s cold and bad weather where you live, baby will wear hospital shirt and be swaddled due to the test they do so…. Unless you want to do special pics bring outfit for that

Thank you for posting this and thank you to the ladies who replied, this is SUPER helpful!

I also have a post up asking the same question and there are lots of answers in the comment section if you want to take a look ! 💓

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