cold? flu?

i think my little boy (two months) has a small cold. sneezing and a little cough. temperature is fine though. what can i do? calpol?
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You can do if you want it’s up to your but my opinion I would hold off giving anything as if he was to start getting a temperature you wouldn’t really know as the calpol would be masking it. If it’s just a little cold i would just ride it out, you can give nasal spray, have the calpol plug ins i believe he can have now, then if he starts with a temp i would get an appointment with a gp and give calpol then xx

Maybe some snuffle baby. Check the age but think it’s okay… pop it on a muslin where he sleeps if you don’t want to put it on his skin. Meant to wait 3 months for calpol but only really with jabs. Mine is 5 months now and gets lots of sniffles and she tends to fight it off better than me 😂xx

I wouldn't give Calpol unless he's obviously distressed or has a temperature. You can get lots of things to help that are suitable from birth in places like Boots - we used the Sterimar saline nasal spray & the snuffle babe chest rub & room vapour oil when our little one had a cold x

I second the snuffle babe stuff. Also, if he struggles whilst he's asleep, pop a towel or something under his mattress to pop his head up a little bit x

Don't put the towel under the mattress itself as it's not safe in terms of SIDs risk. You can tilt the cot itself by putting something under the feet, as that way the mattress itself is still completely flat & no risk of airway obstruction but whole body will be on an angle which can help with congestion x

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