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Anyone else feel like they've changed since becoming a mum? I used to be a super chill person, I would avoid conflict as much as possible. But me, my partner and our 11 month old went to a wedding and I flipped out at two people! One was a train conductor, I was trying to ask him how the ticket app worked and he kept telling me I didn't have tickets and talking over me eventually I just had to walk away - I did have tickets I'd just never used the app before and hadn't activated them. Then at the wedding me and my partner had a question about our baby's food to the waitress and one of the groomsmen kept interjecting, we weren't angry just confused but he kept trying to answer our questions without understanding the situation and I just got so overwhelmed that I yelled out for everyone to just shut up and stop talking about it. It wasn't loud enough to disturb the dinner. He really upset me though he seemed to think we were gonna storm up to the groom and confront him in the middle of his wedding day which I would never do!
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I feel exactly like this since becoming a mum! I used to have more patience than I do now. These days any little thing can drive me mental! Even driving I hate as I just get so angry at the stupid drivers 😂 I think it may be a mum thing with all the pressures on us and hardly any ‘me’ time x

I definitely have a different personality now. But the opposite as you?? I used to stress out about everything, it was very hard to control my emotions, etc. And now it's like nothing matters. As long as baby is safe, I don't care about anything. Our flight back from Christmas holidays was delayed for FOUR DAYS (airport issue), I missed work, did not get any compensation, and I did not care.

Me and I haven’t even had my baby yet. I’ve become more assertive and I like it. I’m not rude or anything, but I prefer direct clear communication now - I don’t have time for fluff, I’m too preoccupied with preparing for my baby right now. On the other hand I’m also more patient and less focused on small details. It’s not intentional, but I feel like all this is in preparation for motherhood because parenting requires patience and decisiveness.

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