Baby passport photos

Hey all, I am looking at getting my LO passport photos done for citizenship forms, etc. Anyone know of somewhere around kingsford/randwick /maroubra? Area that does them? I know Aus post do them. However, my local said they would try, but because bubs is only 6 weeks, it might not work. Thanks 🥰
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Post office still the best option id say. That young its harder but passport office understands this. Dont purchase if not satisfied. I did mine recently; although a few months older. The lay him on the floor on a white cloth and stood over him. Most important aspects are. Face on, eyes open, mouth shut x

@Leah I managed to get away with an open-mouth photo of my baby because that’s all we got on the day. For under 3 year olds they allow it:

I did mine when he was 2 weeks old at home. Just put him on a white sheet and clean all dark spots with some app. Then I used some random app for the passport photo size and printed the photo in Officeworks. At Auspost they didn't like the photo and told me that it was up to the passport office to accept it or not. No problems at the end, got the passport in like 10 days

At bondi junction ( level 2) there is a camera shop. They specialise in baby photos. I did one set at post office and one set at camera store..definitely worth it

I went to the post office at Eastlakes and my husband held my LO up in front of the white background. Her photo was done and printed within 5 minutes. Even people in the line were helping to get her attention to face the camera lol.

I got my 7 week old done at Aus post. They were really sweet and patient with us while we held him in place and it took 5 minutes.

The photoshop in South point shopping centre

I did mine at camera house and they did great. I think they have a few locations but I went in Drummoyne :)

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