Leap year proposal

So I've decided that if my partner doesn't propose to me before the end of Feb I'm going to propose to him on leap year 不不不 Am I crazy?! Anyone done this?!
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Go for it!!!

Amazing, go girl! Not crazy at all

Nope not crazy at all asked my husband back in 2020 the last leap year now bean married 2 years and have a 4month old little boy

Go for it girl! I wish I had the balls to do it but I dont xx

@Karris amazing!! How did you do it karris? Did u get down on one knee? I'm thinking of sorting out a picnic at the beach (hoping the weather is good) and asking him there. But idk if I should get down on one knee haha x

Also how the hell do I get the right ring size I found one that I like alot but idk what size his fingers are

Go for it! No but, I was considering proposing to my husband. He threw me off the idea & made out that he'd not get married {again}. Then he proposed to me

I got a card that said something along the lines of Im fed up of waiting for you to ask so will you marry me or something Ill see if I can find a picture of it lol. After he said yes he said you could of at least got me a bunch of flowers to go with it lol

I also didnt get him a ring as wouldnt have a clue on size

That's so cute!!! Ohhhh maybe I can get our little girl a cute vest with it on!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

Go for it. Good luck x

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