Talker or walker

Is anyone else starting to believe this you either have a walker or a talker thing😂 my son is a potato but his speech is getting so good. He never stops shouting mamamama or he says rararara😂 he doesn’t crawl and hasn’t tried to pull himself up on anything yet 😂 he is trying to climb up me and out of his ball pit but he won’t entertain crawling if I lay him on his tummy. But he answers me back if I speak to him it’s so cute 😂
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Me, sounds like I wrote this 😂

Yes! Milo doesn’t really talk as such but LOVES being on his feet! He army crawls, walks while holding our hands, walks around furniture and currently trying to bear walk but we only get the odd ma or ba never repeated he just likes making weird sounds

This was so true with my first born and I think our May baby will be the same! He likes to have a good old chat but has no interest in moving!

My girl is the same.. she’s not crawling shows no interest in it. Bum shuffles and spins herself round on her bum but she doesn’t shut up… she barks back at next doors dog as well and shouts on our cats all the time 😂. Her new favourite thing is to just say no to everything 🤷🏻‍♀️

Yes! My son is a 🥔 too. Brilliant sitter but no interest in moving. Just holds his arms up to be picked up 🤣 But he is forever talking, waving and dancing. And smiles and giggles at everyone and everything!

I could have written this 😂 100%

High 5 to all put baby potatoes 🤣

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