Can someone please help

Does this mean my housing is going to be paid or it hasn’t gone through? Also Is there a number I can call to talk to someone i was meant to get a call back and never did - 8th of feb 9.44 - can’t be verified then 8th of feb 9.49 they have now been verified Other photo In comments
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It has been declined. U need to do it again and show more proof of where you live like a tenancy agreement and also how much you pay. Like a bank statement will be a good proof. Once they see that they will tell you if you are successful or not

@Marvel thank you , I honestly don’t know what more evidence I can give iv given council tax bill - tenancy agreement , deposit invoice . Bank statement- ID

@Hannah this happened to me just submit everything again that uou already have and go from there I ended up doing it twice and the second time it went threw aslong as you have what your rent is and if you get free weeks and if you have to pay for a certain thing on there cant remember what it's called but they will see if on your tenecy agreement then you should be fine

Hopefully 🤞 I was told if it doesnt get checked by the 16th it won’t be paid cutting it a bit close

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