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No judgement please. My back can’t take anymore rocking my 9kg baby to sleep. My LO will only go to sleep with me BF him or by rocking. I don’t mind this at night as, generally, he’s a pretty good sleeper overnight and will only wake once or twice. However, naps are a different story and I need to do something about it. He’s a nightmare to get down for a nap and is always so overtired. The last few days I’ve tried to do some gentle nap sleep training but he either just plays in his cot or is so inconsolable with tears he won’t sleep. I haven’t let him cry for more than 5 mins at a time though. Any advice from those who have sleep trained?
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What's his wake window? My first was like this wouldn't nap unless rocked to sleep but then I popped him in his pram roxked him to sleep with white noise in the pram and he would sleep 2 hours. We did buy a rockit that was a god send but when that broke he would just be rocked to sleep maybe 10 minutes and he was out for 2 hours no rocking just white noise. I kept the room dark also x

So I used to have to rock my LG to sleep and it was killing me, but I started using Huckleberry's programme and they suggested phasing the movement out. So instead of rocking, just hold and pat for a few days, then just hold, then put them down awake with contact then no contact. This has been game-changing for us and only took about a week or so. She was up constantly at night but sleeps through now most of the time.

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