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I am 39 weeks pregnant and want to do a vbac. I have tried every natural induction method (sex, pumping for a couple weeks, clary sage, EPO, and a membrane sweep). I feel like I am no closer to labor than with my first. Nervous that my chances of a repeat c-section increase every day because they will have to induce at 41 weeks if not before. Comfort me please!!!
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Use a yoga ball, walking, squats etc. gravity will have to be your best friend and try inserting evening primrose oil capsules 1000mg once a night. & yes add sex to it for razzle dazzle. By the time I went to get induced I was already 3 cm dialated. You got this just keep trying mama. Best of luck to you

That's still two more weeks ♡ have faith and patience. You can keep up with squats, side lunges, curb walking, acupuncture, and loads of water and rest ♡

I would stay away from harsh supplements, medication, medical induction, sweeps, or other interventions if you do want to have a vaginal birth. The less intervention you have, the more likely you'll get a successful vaginal birth.

I’m in the same boat and sometimes I get impatient, but I looked up to percentages of how many women go into natural labor by which week and most women go into natural labor between 40-41 weeks so the chances are way higher it’ll happen in a week or two.

Have you tried primrose oil? Insert 3 of them vaginally at bedtime to soften cervix.

@Randi evening primrose oil=EPO (:

@Corinne oh. My bad 🤣

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