I've been experiencing really bad cramping pain just under my boobs aswell as a sharp cramping in my pelvic area since last night and it's still on going. The pain comes in short bursts. I'm currently 34+2. Is this normal or something I should be concerned about? Might be a silly question but this is my first pregnancy so I haven't a clue 😅
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I’m no expert but I think it sounds like Braxton Hicks, if its a constant pain I would call your midwife and get checked x

@Elisha thank you I don't know why braxton hicks weren't my first thought🤦‍♀️x

If it's in your upper abdominal area esp as you described it as 'sharp pain' i would definitely speak to your midwife.. Braxton Hicks tend not to be painful just tightening and generally happen across mid to lower stomach rather than under your boobs. X

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