Anyone else not have a bump yet and feel like they are missing out?

I’m currently 18 weeks and 2 days pregnant but don’t feel like I’ve got a bump yet, just looking slightly chunkier than usual but my friend is 19 weeks and is showing so much and I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out a little.
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Hi, I'm 17weeks 1 day and still in my pre-pregnancy clothes. This is my 4th pregnancy so I was expecting to show really early on and be massive by now like I was with my 2nd and 3rd but I'm not. I think it just depends where the baby is laying.

I was the same last week I’m now 19 weeks though and I’m finally seeing a bump so don’t worry everyone shows at different times ❤️

I’m 19+1 and no bump yet, hoping it will come soon ♥️

I’m 19 weeks this week and nothing too. Says with first can take up to 24 weeks - 30 to show! My friend is shorter than me and showing already x

Don’t worry I’m 20 weeks & I only started noticing a bump in my clothes yesterday & today. Like you I was worried

I’m 18 weeks this week, the only time I feel I have a bump is in the evening after eating all day! And then I wake up and it’s gone again. Apparently it’s normal, especially with 1st babies? My sister in law is due in May and she’s just started permanently popping now!

I’m 16+3 and don’t have a visible bump yet, I just look a little chunkier than normal and it really shows because I’m petite. Occasionally I look like I’ve got a bit of a bump in the evenings but it varies. Looking forward to my bump so I look pregnant and not like I’ve been stuffing my face for months 😂🙈 xx

Second baby here, 16w and no bump except looking thicker in waist and no kinda divets in tummy. I was expecting a bump but midwife said today second expect to pop 19-20w, first 24+!! :) xz

If this is your first or you have a uterus that’s more internal/posterior you might not be showing. My first I didn’t show until about 25-26 weeks. This time I was showing around 18 weeks. It just depends on your body and where baby is growing. Don’t stress! Comparison is a thief of joy.

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