Anyone else’s LO started throwing tantrums? I can’t help laugh when my girl does them, it’s so comical.
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it’s so funny isn’t it 😭 we had our first one when daddy dared to change our nappy before bottle time and lord i could hear it from outside 😂😭😭

Constantly when he doesn’t get his own way🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

Yes! He’s become a tantrum throwing baby from chill in a day 😂

Yep. Feel like I’m in the terrible 2s already

OMG I could have written this myself. My girl has turned into an absolute DIVA over night. She wants to do absolutely everything by herself and has about 100 meltdowns a day 🙃 xx

lol yes! Total drama queen 😂 since she’s turned 1

I have to hide my laughter from him because it makes him worse 😂😂😂. He had a melt down because I shut the dining room door today. He wasn’t using it or planning to leave the room but he didn’t want me to shut it 😭

Yes! I mean it’s not just comical, it’s too cute. I thought I was weird.

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