Cold hands

My baby likes to sleep a bit like a scarecrow with her arms out to her sides, however in the night she will often self settle herself by sucking her fingers as she refuses a dummy. my issue is that when she wakes up on a morning, her hands are so so cold. they don’t seem to bother her, but just wondered if anyone else experienced the same with their little ones?
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My sons is always the same don’t worry x

Hey Zoe, I could have written this myself about my son. I’m not worried about his hands being cold as long as his body is a normal temperature. And I know we are putting him to bed dressed in appropriate clothing so I’m sure it’s okay 😊

Yep, the same here, and then he puts his little ice hands on me while feeding 😫😂

It's the back of the neck and their back where they should feel warm to touch

It's very normal for their extremities to be cold overnight, if their chest/back of neck is warm then they are okay x

Same hands and feet are always cold but torso warm x

Same x

Same situation x

Ditto x

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