Unable to sleep at night 🥺🥲

I really want to be able to sleep when my baby boy sleeps so I can be up more during the day & get to spend time with him. However he hates his bassinet & only stays asleep if he’s laying on my chest. Im also afraid to lay him on his back because he has had a few scary spit up moments. Although they say babies are safe on his back seeing milk come out his mouth & nose scares me. I literally stay up all night until my mom wakes up in the morning & can take over for me. But this is affecting my bonding time w baby as I’m asleep during the morning hours. Anyone else going through this or something similar?
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My baby also spit up a lot. I understand the fear and really, even if you didn’t have that fear having the baby constantly covered in spit up at night bothered me. I always felt it must be making her cold and would debate whether to change her (which would wake her) or let her sleep. Our doctor recommended a probiotic, letting her sit upright for 30 minutes after feeding, and burping during feeding we’re ounce or every few minutes if breastfeeding. She also said that it will generally start to get better on its own as the baby gets older. Our baby is 2 months now and I’d say around 6 weeks (about 2 weeks after starting probiotics) we started to see a difference. I don’t know if it was that or just her getting older and better at digesting.

We put our boy on his side and pediatrician agreed it was a lot better

My baby girl used to spit up a lot and one day I came into the room while she was sleeping to find her wriggling around from choking on her spit up. I was terrified this would happen during her sleep and called out doctor. She had already told us the baby had Colic but I saw a new doctor who said she has reflux. The doctor prescribed her reflux medication and now my baby barely has any spit up at all. I'd definitely recommend talking to your doctor as that may be the issue with your LO and having medicine that reduces their spitup will definitely help you to feel more relaxed to out them to bed at night.

Buy the taking Cara baby course! Our firstborn hated the bassinet until we did the sleep training (no cry method) and she then started to go in it and few months old she was sleeping 11/12 hours at night

I've been thinking about it, times are tough though so I havent been able to :(

@Kacy it’s so worth it. And they refund your money if it doesn’t work. I paid $99.

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