Things have become easier recently. Anyone else find this?

Ella has become really compliant recently with very little tantrums or acting up in public and I am so here for it 😍 You ask her to do something and 99% of the time she will do it ❤️ I've taught Ella to stay close to me when she walks and if she sees a dog in the distance then to hold my hand (because I'm so wary of all these dog attacks that happen nowadays) Every time she sees a dog now she gasps "mummy, doggy" and asks for my hand 🥹 Before anyone assumes I'm making her petrified of dogs, I am not and she is around dogs a lot. I just don't trust dogs off leads. I'm always saying to her that dogs on leads are fine for her to be walking a little bit away from me, but it's the ones not on leads that she needs to hold my hand. She holds my hand whenever she sees a dog, but one less worry for me 😊
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Oh Ella ❤️ she’s a doll!!!

@Amy she used to be a nightmare, so I'm loving this very much 😍😍

@Hayley I live for your posts about her ❤️ I feel like I’ve been on your mum journey with you and I love it! You never shy away from the shit side of it They come out the terrible 2s tantrum side and you have a few nice years before they’re preteens causing HELLLL hahaah 🤣 Enjoy it ❤️

@Amy she is so funny 😂 I love seeing your posts too 🥰❤️

I hate it when dogs run up to Jack and starting jumping up and the owner just shouts it's ok she's friendly🙄 I don't see anything wrong with her being aware of dogs, don't think it would make her scared. You're doing a great job.

@Laura she does jump a bit when she spots one, but just holds my hand and then says hello to the dog lol. Thank you xx

Aww man gorgeous Ella. Love watching her grow and you're doing amazing!!! Xxx

Clever girl!! We’ve just started to get bad tantrums the past 2 weeks🙈🙈 hopefully doesn’t last too long! 😂

I’m the same with you with dogs. We pick her up around dogs off lead no matter the breed cos you just never know. The ‘don’t worry he’s friendly’ comments really annoy me because not everyone wants a dog coming up to them and sniffing around. Also, you just never know what’s going to turn a dog. You might have the friendliest dog in the world but in their head, you might be in danger etc and they might suddenly turn guard dog. I think it’s good to teach caution around dogs

@Jodie the tantrums for us were at their peak when she just turnt 2, but the last few months she's been so much better and wanting to help me most of the time like get her dressed etc. I say help mama and she says "help mama" 😅 so sweet haha xx

@Lauren that's the word I was looking for 😅 Caution, bang on xx

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