Anyone finding they’re still exhausted?? Struggling to wake up in the mornings!
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For days I'm working home, I'm up at 5 am...chill in bed till 6.30am...go back to sleep and eventually get out of bed at 8 am then get my day started.

Im exactly the same im 14 weeks and thought the tiredness would be getting better by now. I think the 10/11 hour days 5 days a week at work isnt helping me

Yep but have to get up with the 1 y/o at 6:30 and work a full time job anyway! Highly recommend getting the extra sleep where you can while you can ❤️

Was literally about to post about tiredness. Im really struggling. I have to have naps during the day just to get by. Once Im home from work, I nap and then dont feel hungry enough for dinner. I tidy up, then go straight to bed and still feel like a zombie the next day because I wake up in the middle of the night at least once, either to pee or paranoia someone is trying to break in (not sure why). Not sure if Im lacking vitamins like iron maybe?

Honestly I’m so chilled apart from when I’m stressed, I work from home and I role out of bed 20 mins before I’m due to start, and I’m going bed so early!! Never been so tired! 9-5 in front of a computer probably isn’t helping! I’ve got a week off in march and I can’t wait! I’m trying to save my Annual leave so I can go on leave in June and not have to go back till the following April lol xxx

I’m more tired now at 15 weeks than I ever was in my first trimester. It’s like I’m doing it all backwards and also got horrible sickness! 🤦🏽‍♀️

@Rhia yes!! My sickness keeps coming and going and I’m just ready to sleep at any point of the day😂 xxx

I had two naps yesterday and didn’t get up till 11 🤣 (I wake in the night for hours) plus I worked the weekend, which involves being on my feet all day. That’s my justification 🤣

Im having my 3rd and it lasts the entire pregnancy unfortunately xx

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