So little one is nearly 6 months and I have no idea where to start or what to start with, I’m a bit scared for this so does any one have any tips or weaning must haves and any sort of routine?
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What you start with will depend whether your doing BLW or purées, but generally always start with vegetables, nothing too sweet. Feed milk before their food as it’s still their main source of nutrition. They only need one meal a day to begin with, don’t worry if they mainly play with their food and don’t eat much, it’s normal! Food is for fun before 1 x

@Kerri I’ll be doing purées to start as blw scares me😂 yeah I’ll still be giving him his milk but how long after a bottle would you give purée?

I remember my HV mentioning acid attacks. Something along the line of babies teeth being exposed to acid (during each feed). So you should give the bottle straight after instead of waiting an hour or so and then feeding.

Sign up to Ella’s kitchen and you get a leaflet, vouchers and a poster where you can tick off what baby has tried! Then on the boots app, if you sign up to the parenting club you can get a free Ella’s kitchen book that’s sooo helpful! X

@Ria did you do a Google search on Ella's kitchen products? They are full or sugar but they don't put it on their packaging... rather they focus on how organic it is. The sugar content in the product has been commented on by leading dentists. I agree though, the weaning package is nice and helpful to stay on track of veggies tou can Puree your self :)

@Nessa nope because I don’t plan on using any of their products at the minute, I’m making the purées at home. But I’m sure a few pouches here and there will be fine ☺️

Oh that a useful app, thank you for sharing it! I agree @Ria, a pouch here or there I think should be fine too. I think I might use them if I was stuck in a pickle e.g. traveling long distance. I use to give my Farleys Rusks and the I decided let me measure how how much 3.4g of sugar is and when I saw it I was stunned!

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